FingerPro Installation CheckList

A FingerPro workstation will scan in fingerprints by means of a live scan device, or a card scan.

LiveScan Device Configuration - Includes a certified live scan device for capturing fingerprints using inkless technology.

Desktop Scanner Configuration - Utilizes a FBI certified desktop scanner for capturing the fingerprint images from inked cards.

Please check to see if your facility meets the following requirements and notify AD&S of your computer system specifications prior to your software installation.

Recommended computer specifications

  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher (32 bit and 64 bit)

Please notify AD&S if you have a 64 bit system.

Mandatory items that must be ready at the installation time

  • Internet software installation requires: Computer user name and password (with administrator rights). Required only for the installation.
  • Printer connected to the computer and printer’s driver installed on the computer. The printer can be a network printer.
  • Space to put the scanner with a short cord which will be connected to the USB port of the computer.
  • Adequate electrical power available for computer, printer, (for card scan systems) the desktop scanner, and any peripheral devices you may have.
  • Monitor configuration for the screen size of 1024x768 pixels or larger.
  • Internet connectivity to the computer.
  • Computer port USB 2.0 or higher

Optional Items

There are three different ways for electronic submissions from FingerPro ID. To utilize the recommended transmission mode via e-mail, the items listed below are required.

  • The name or IP address of your Mail Server.
  • Any qualified e-mail user account name and password
  • Any valid e-mail address at your Mail Server

Fingerprint Capturing Hardware

Desktop Scanner Configuration - You can purchase and install this scanner model which has been FBI-certified with the FingerPro FTS software. Please provide AD&S with your scanner serial number prior to software installation.

  • Epson Perfection V500 (requires USB port)

NOTE: Please install the scanner on your computer, and verify that the scanner will scan a document.

Live scan Device Configuration AD&S is responsible for all acquisition and delivery of the live scan hardware.

Installation / Training:

Card scan installations must provide the scanner serial number and facility ID or (ORI) prior to installation. Card scan installations and training are normally internet based. OPM installations require SON, SOI and other relevant ID numbers. If you would like onsite training, please contact AD&S for a quote for this service.

Live scan devices will be delivered by an AD&S employee with onsite training on live scan fingerprint capture and software training.

Multiple facilities

One remote workstation can submit records on behalf of many facilities. If the agency is authorized to transmit for more than one agency/facility, please specify all Facility ID Codes or ORI and indicate which one will be the default Facility. It is very important to provide the exact Facility ID Code(s) / ORI since each record submission will charge the submitting facility identified by the Facility ID Code / ORI.