Live Scan

The DactyScan84c is a 3.2” x 3.0” 10-prints and rolls Livescan at 500 dpi certified by the FBI according to FBI IAFIS IQS App. F. as Livescan System as well as for Identification Flats.

With up to 27 frames per second for 4-slaps and up to 25 frames per second for rolled prints acquisition the Dactyscan84c is unique in terms of acquisition speed.

A user interface based on 12 three color leds facilitates the acquisition procedure by indicating the fingerprint(s) to be acquired and providing quality feedback thus eliminating the necessity for skilled operators and therefore increasing workflow efficiency.

GreenBit-DactyScan84c.pdf DactyScan84c Data Sheet.
ADS-Datasheet-Greenbit.pdf AD&S FingerPro ID Data Sheet.